Walmart money store is basically store model applied to banking. The store has bank like alcove at the front of most stores offering financial services of everyday money services such as check cashing, bill pay, tax preparation services and retail pre-paid card programs. Customers can avail services such as Walmart money card, Bluebird, (a checking debit alternative) and Walmart 2 Walmart at the Walmart Money Center or at the stores customer service desk. Walmart money center provides the opportunity and the best value for 28 percent Americans who are identified as unbanked or under banked. Walmart partners with world-class financial providers offering customers with reliable, fast and low priced every day money transfers. International money transfers are made easy through the partnership with MoneyGram. People can reach out to Walmart money center services in retail stores, online, and through mobile devices.
Features of Walmart Money Center
·        Bluebird card – Debit card for easy bill and with no fees
·        Walmart credit card –The catch is there is no-interest grace period on all Walmart purchases
·        Walmart money card –Provides unique reward structure unlike other prepaid cards.
·        Pay bills –Even without Walmart card or account customers can pay bills. Proves to be a real credit-score saver.
·        Tax prep –Taxpayers can file their taxes at any Walmart money store.
·        Other money services –Check printing, money transfers, money orders, Coinstar coin exchange machine.
What is the Walmart Money Center Timings?
Most Walmart Money Centers are open seven days a week. The standard hour of working from Monday through Saturday is 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday. Yet, not all Walmart money centers follow the standard operating hours due to geographical locations, population and due to other factors. Each walmart money center hours of operation was going at different timings. The timings vary from store to store. If the store closes at 8 p.m. then money center will close approximately an hour prior. Even if the store is 24-hour store, money center may still close around 11 p.m. or midnight. However, some money stores remain open when there is sufficient customer volume throughout the night. You should check the store in question online and check their hours of operation. In order to find the timings of the store visit the Walmart website and do the following steps
1.      Use computer, laptop or mobile device to visit  Walmart.com
2.      Click “store finder” icon
3.      Type your address in the text box and click “find”
4.      Click “More services and info” under the closest store to you
5.      Look for “Money services “ words, if not it means they do not have the money center facility and move on to next location on the list
6.      If you find the Money services in the intended store, call the phone number listed to enquire about the Walmart money center timings.
Because of many possible variables the surest and the best way is to call the Walmart store you intend to go. Sometimes due to frequent calls made to stores and depending on staffing level your call may go unanswered for a while. However, even if at all the money center closes almost all services will be available at the help desk.